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The Role of DCI in Protecting B2B Company’s Accounts Receivable in International Trade Between the U.S.A. and Australia


In today’s dynamic global marketplace, businesses engage in international trade to expand their horizons and tap into new opportunities. The trade relationship between the United States and Australia is a prime example of such economic collaboration. However, with international trade comes the risk of bad debts, which can be detrimental to a company’s financial stability. This thesis explores how Debt Collectors International (DCI) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the value of a B2B company’s Accounts Receivable Portfolio when dealing with bad debts in the context of international trade between the U.S.A. and Australia.

The Significance of International Trade Between The U.S.A. and Australia

International trade between the United States and Australia has evolved into an integral part of the B2B sector. It involves the exchange of goods and services across borders, benefiting businesses on both sides. Australian companies export a wide range of products to the U.S., including minerals, energy resources, agricultural products, and more. Conversely, U.S. companies export machinery, technology, pharmaceuticals, and various other products to Australia. This bilateral trade relationship contributes significantly to the economies of both countries, creating growth opportunities for businesses in various industries.

DCI: The Guardian of Your Receivables

DCI, known as Debt Collectors International, is a trusted name in the debt collection industry. With a proven track record of efficiency and effectiveness, DCI specializes in recovering outstanding debts for businesses engaged in international trade. Their comprehensive debt recovery system is designed to ensure that companies providing products and services in the international trade between the U.S.A. and Australia can focus on their core business activities while their outstanding debts are managed effectively.

The Three-Phase Recovery System

DCI’s success in debt recovery hinges on its well-structured three-phase recovery system, which offers a multifaceted approach to resolve outstanding debts:

Phase One: Proactive Communication

Within 24 hours of placing an account with DCI, the following actions take place:

  • The first of four letters are sent to the debtor via US Mail, officially notifying them of the outstanding debt.
  • Comprehensive skip-tracing and investigation efforts are initiated to obtain the best financial and contact information available on the debtors.
  • DCI’s experienced collectors engage in proactive communication with the debtor, utilizing various channels such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and faxes. Daily attempts are made to contact the debtor for the first 30 to 60 days.

If all attempts to resolve the account fail during Phase One, DCI proceeds to Phase Two.

Phase Two: Legal Expertise

In Phase Two, DCI’s strategy takes a legal turn:

  • The case is forwarded to a local attorney within DCI’s extensive network.
  • The receiving attorney, equipped with the authority of their law firm, promptly drafts letters to the debtor, demanding payment of the debt.
  • Simultaneously, the attorney and their team initiate contact with the debtor via telephone, in addition to sending a series of formal letters.

Should Phase Two fail to yield results, DCI provides clients with a detailed explanation of the case’s challenges and recommends the next steps.

Phase Three: Tailored Recommendations

In Phase Three, DCI offers clients tailored recommendations based on a thorough evaluation of the case:

  • Closure Recommendation: If the investigation indicates that the possibility of recovery is unlikely, DCI recommends closing the case. In such instances, the client owes nothing to DCI or the affiliated attorney for these results.
  • Litigation Option: If the recommendation is to proceed with legal action, the client faces a choice. They can opt to move forward with litigation by paying upfront legal costs, including court fees. These fees typically range from $600.00 to $700.00, depending on the debtor’s jurisdiction. Once these funds are paid, DCI’s affiliated attorney files a lawsuit on behalf of the client for all monies owed, including the cost of filing the action. If litigation attempts are unsuccessful, the case is closed, and the client owes nothing to DCI or the affiliated attorney.

DCI’s Competitive Rates

DCI’s collection rates are considered the industry’s best and are subject to negotiation. Their commitment to a “No-Recovery, No-Fee” service is a testament to their confidence in their ability to recover clients’ funds. If DCI doesn’t recover the money, clients owe absolutely nothing. Their contingency fee structure is as follows:

  • For clients submitting 1 through 9 claims within the first week of placing their first account, the rates are competitive and tailored to the specific case.
  • For clients submitting 10 or more claims within the first week of placing their first account, DCI offers customized contingency fee options, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

A Strong Recommendation

In conclusion, DCI stands as the guardian of your receivables in the realm of international trade between the U.S.A. and Australia. With their efficient debt recovery system, experienced team, and competitive rates, they are the preferred choice for businesses seeking to protect the value of their Accounts Receivable Portfolio. Before considering litigation or legal action, it is strongly recommended to explore the third-party debt recovery services offered by DCI.

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